Sunday, July 4

Stating concerns.

Throwing my mind in different corners might seem confusing, tiring, obscene and very abusive.

My rabbit hole has bricked walls and surreal paintings. Sometimes I can see colorful wooden doors and I know they'd like to be opened but I'm always falling too fast so I pass them. I've noticed that there are no mirrors and I am somewhat glad about that. I don't need my reflection splashed all over my fantasy. It reminds me of reality and her subduing. I can also avoid loneliness down there. I make up some persons or bring some popular cartoons to fall with me in the abyss. Never real people because they're always prone to disappointing me. I'm never hungry but I often see a few McChickens and Double Whoppers floating on silver plates and every time it happens, this question pops into my mind: "Would I like fries with that?" Of course, the most questionable... thing around there is definitely the Squirrel Master. Kind of like Foamy but less aggressive and cuter. The S Master (as I like to call... it, I guess) has the ability to fly with the help of his propeller tail, a fluffy puffy gray tuft which can transform easily into a flying shuriken. I'm lucky I don't own any sadomasochistic trails otherwise I would have pushed pianos and arrows through my head all day long.

What does happy has to do with any of this?

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