Sunday, October 3

Waiting for Superman

In my tight black dress, wearing my good shoes, smoking an expensive cigar and drinking a glass of the finest whiskey brand. Every few minutes I glance through the window and see if he's even near to arriving at my door with his cute smile saying "You're looking good" with a funny accent. Then he'd call a cab and on the way we would sip martini and pretend we're in a limo. He would take me to one of those fancy restaurants where the lady's menu has no prices. And I would feel bad ordering anything that's why I'd constantly check the ingredients and see what sounds expensive so I could avoid it. He'd ask for a bottle of champagne and say we have to celebrate everything. I would go to the bathroom under the excuse of powdering my nose even though I just really have to pee. I'd smile and laugh all night long...
But when I open the door I see a stiffed smile covering a bunch of regrets while asking "Aren't you a bit overdressed?" with a low voice of quiet disgust. So we're taking the bus to a pizza place, drink some sodas and have donuts for desert. I go back home alone, light a cigar and empty that bottle of pretentious whiskey while I'm looking through the window pane.
What am I waiting for? I don't know. Something amazing, I guess.

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