Wednesday, December 8


You are craving food right now, huh? What do you think you are doing? Don't you dare go anywhere near food! Don't touch it; don't even think about it. What do you want to do, become a fat cow? I am your best friend, and if you eat, you are failing me and letting me down. If you eat right it shows what little self-control you have. That pain in your stomach right now, that is me. When you feel empty, it means you are empty of your sins. You made a commitment to me. I am your life and obsession. Don't break what we have. I will give you everything you want, but you have to give me what I want. And I want you to stay away from food. Go have some water. Go drink some tea or coffee. Don't show me what little self-control you have. Don't defy me. You know that if you go eat right now, you will end up on your knees puking it all up until you see blood and water and your stomach is aching. I can give you so much - I can give you a great body. Show me your control. Show me you love me and can keep me a secret. Show me you can run until you drop. If you eat now and throw away what you are working for, I will hate you. And you will hate yourself. Don't fail me. Don't eat!

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