Tuesday, March 16

Does this require episodes?

Larry: Let me tell you a joke.
Marty: Not now, Larry, I’m not in the mood.
Larry: Please, Marty, just one!
Marty: Later.
Larry: Oh, c’mon… don’t be such an ass!
Marty: No, I don’t like long jokes.
Larry: How about a knock-knock joke? Those are really short.
Marty: Fine.
Larry: Knock knock!
Marty: Who’s there?
Larry: I have to make a confession.
Marty: I have to make a confession who?
Larry: No, I really have something serious to say. So I thought I’d open up with a joke.
Marty: You didn’t even finish the damn joke!
Larry: Well, I don’t know any knock-knock jokes…

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