Wednesday, May 4


you wake up one morning. 15 seconds allegedly pass until you are fully conscious of your place and time. 5 whole minutes until you get up. a few moments until you decide it is time to visit the bathroom. "I picked these flowers for youuuu" sings Fuji Kureta in your mind. that's not right. peeing has never been so boring before. maybe brushing your teeth will bless your day with some enthusiasm. while standing in front of the mirror, deforming your mouth in the process, you can't help but notice how prone you are to pensivity. "had Bin Laden actually existed all this time?" "did Alice thoughroughly analyse the rabbit before deciding to stalk him?" "should I lose some weight?" "is my next-door neighbour a serial killer?" "did I remember to programme the coffee machine?" and, with this latter question, every trace of meditation vanishes whilst you are running toward the kitchen to make that blasted coffee. and roll some cigarettes.

oh, how I wish this was only a colossal routine!

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