Monday, January 23

Stream of rubbish

It all happened during one of those nights
when sleep is completely out of the question
because nervousness is a state
which can be quite overwhelming
so it makes acting ordinarily utterly difficult.

They asked questions
oh so many questions
about feelings and thoughts
as if describing them was supposed to be damn easy.

But no one answered
and no one told
so the stories were implied
instead of being verified.

What have you been eating
what have you been drinking
what have you been watching
what have you been reading
what have you been writing
what have you been trying
what have you been listening to
what have you been
what have you
what have

Why have you been crying
why have you been trying
why have you been talking
why have you been walking
why have you been obsessing
why have you been undressing
why have you been cursing
why have you been missing the
why have you been
why have you
why have

They asked me to go along like that
until my mind could find its peace
but no one could have predicted
that finding peace was so damn hard.

It happened during one of those days
when you feel the need to act according to the norms
which lie inside your head like a permanent stamp
that would not fade away.

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